Become a member of the Zaxe family today and join a team that is looking to set the industry standards.

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We Value


We believe building a relationship based on trust with people we work with has been one of the keys to our success so far and expect the same from our team. We want our team to be as reliable, capable and efficient as possible to achieve the results we are seeking.

Zaxe Careers

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Remember, no man is an island. To reinvent an industry, you must have the best team. Find the team you will fit perfectly in.

Engineering & Product

Become a member of our growing Research & Development team and help us lead the way in innovation.

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Sales & Services

We are looking for team members with people skills to become the face of our organization and finalize sales.

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Apply for a manufacturing position and become a member of the team that makes the very printers that carried Zaxe 3D to where it is today.

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Work in our marketing department and help us communicate the value of our brand better to our target audience.

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Take an important step for your career by applying to our internship program and discover a new career opportunity.

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Help Zaxe 3D become a more efficient organization in its internal operations and work with our HR, IT, and accounting teams.

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Our hiring process

With a productive interview process, we aim to get to know you, your skills, and your goals better. This way, we can shape your future responsibilities in a way that best suits your skill set. After each interview stage, we will have a better idea on how our partnership will work.

Meet Us

Visit our offices and meet us in person. We will give you a tour of our base of operations and introduce you to the individual members of the team.

Talk to Us

Our initial conversations will be focused on your interests, experience and strengths. We will try to understand your thought process and plans for the future.

Take a Challenge

Show us how you work in a testing period to give us a better idea of your methods. At this stage we will help you learn more about the brand and 3D printing industry.

Join Us

Become a member of the Zaxe team and work with us to reinvent the 3D printing industry. Great experiences are waiting for you here.

What we offer

We want to create a comfortable and productive workflow for you to make our partnership beneficial for both parties. With our cooperative team and workspace that encourages creativity, we wish you to feel at home while working with us.

A chance to make an impact

A chance to make an impact

Exciting challenges

Exciting challenges

Creative workspace

Creative workspace

Learn from inspiring talents

Learn from inspiring talents

The story of Zaxe over the years


With the releases of X3 and Z3, Zaxe is a company with over 50 employees. You can find our printers in 12 countries and we are working on new products to innovate the 3D printing technology.

Zaxe Goes Global

Zaxe 3D Printing starts dominating certain industries in its home country like education and starts making bigger moves to open up to the global market.

A Year of Growth

Zaxe experiences exponential growth with the release of its new flagship model Z1 and in turn receives a valuation of 40 million TL in its sixth year.

Bigger and Better with Z Series

Zaxe introduces a completely new product line. The development stage of Z1 ends and it's released as a bigger and more industrial alternative to the X series.

xDesktop is Live

Zaxe finalizes the development of its own software. xDesktop becomes the default slicer for all Zaxe 3D printers with its user-friendly interface and multi-point access controlling capabilities.

X1+ is Released

Zaxe 3D Printing develops and launches an improved version of X1 with a considerably bigger printing volume of 300 x 300 x 300mm under the name of X1+.

Our First 3D Printer, X1

X1 hits the shelves to overwhelmingly positive reception. The model receives the honor of being named the best 3D printer among 93 other candidates.

Zaxe is Founded

Zaxe 3D Printing is founded in Istanbul by Baki Gezgen. The company immediately starts working on its first-ever 3D printer model named Zaxe X1.

Why Zaxe?

Our passion is to deliver a 3D printing ecosystem that drives business transformation across the world. That's why we're dedicated to making 3D printers, software, materials, and services that are versatile and easy to use.